The smell of…

The smell of lilies reminds me of my kitchen in England where I lived five years ago.
The smell of cows gives me a calm sensation as it reminds me of my dad when I was growing up.
And the smell of the washing up liquid we use right now reminds me of the soapy water I got when I asked if I could make soap bobbles as a child.

A deja-vu runs through me every time I do the dishes now, I remember the joy of being allowed to blow bobbles and see the beautiful spheres fly away in the garden.


So this is spring?

I must admit I’d forgotten how it feels when a breeze washes over your face and it doesn’t bite your nose off. The winter this year has been relatively mild, but it’s still been around 0-5°c for three months now, which easily gets the chill-factor down below freezing.

Today I got my spring/autumn coat out from storage and didn’t freeze when walking to my classes. It’s a sunny day with blue skies and a slight breeze. A lovely early-spring-weather.

Yesterday I went for a walk at the beach with my family and I think it’s the first double digit (centigrade) day this year.

I love all the seasons. They all have their ups and downs, their charms and annoyances, but I am ready for spring to make it’s pressanse known now.

Forgetting my note-taking machine

I just put my iPad in my bag as not to forget to bring in to uni tomorrow. It’s how I take notes in class. Despite having no paper in my bag, I do have a pencil case with pencils and pens. The roll call paper needs signing. I need the iPad for my notes. It’s small and efficient, and it makes me access the same notes on my computer with no extra hassle.

Yet this morning when I opened my bag in class, I discovered my iPad sleeve was empty. I knew then, that I’d forgot to unplug it from it’s charger where it was lying on a chair behind the laundry I’d been to lazy to fold during the weekend.

I looked frantically around the room. Someone must have paper. Out of the 15 people I could see in my close vicinity, only the girl in front of me had paper and she was courteous enough to give me two sheets of paper.

This is why I’ve already put the iPad in my bag. I don’t intent to forget it again tomorrow.

I’ve missed this

I debated with myself, whether I should create a new blog or continue this one.
This blog started out as a personal project last year – a way for me to write a “diary” and let my friends and family know what I was up to while I was doing a semester abroad. But I let it die. I posted my last entry the last night I slept in the dorm and never did the “goodbye” post I’d planned in my head.

After forgetting about the blog for 8 months – my friends’ blogs let me back here (healthy food blogging in Danish: Wordpress 1 year AnniversaryLivsShow (recipes on healthy but sweet alternatives) and FrederikOgJeg (an LCHF diary with food inspiration)) – I noticed this little notification (picture to the left), which made me a bit nostalgic.

It had been a bit more than a year since I’d created this blog. I hadn’t needed it since, but something in me missed this. There are things I notice I want to share with people. Things that are too long to explain for twitter, to random or unimportant for texting, and not something I feel like belongs on my tumblr. Things, much like I posted last year.

I won’t update as regularly as last year, where I had the goal of one post per day. This time I will make a new post when there is something I need to share.

I hope you guys will stick around. I know I will.

Last Night at Stag Hill


I got my room packed today. I looks like I can fit most of my things in my luggage without going over the weight restrictions. I do need to leave a small bag with my friend, but I will get it when I see her in August.

It’s a bit weird packing up. I’m ready to go home to see my family, but in many ways I feel like I just got here. All of my exams are done, I’ve said goodbye to people and gone into town for a last time.

It’s been a good semester. Not only were the classes good (3rd best Literature and Language department in the UK, after Oxford and Cambridge (according to The Guardian)) but people were nice and I made some good friends.

Bubble Tea

20140619-174800-64080407.jpgAfter a nice cup of coffee and a three hour conversation with the lovely Jessika and Annie, we went by the Friary Shopping Centre in town because I needed to try bubble tea and Annie needed sandals.

I ended up trying the coconut tea with the regular tapioca bubbles. The first half of it was AMAZING but it did get a bit too much at the end. I wish regular wasn’t their smallest size, because I think a small would have been just perfect for this flavour.

A day of relaxation

After having finished all of my exams for this semester, a day of sleeping in and doing nothing of importance was amazing.

I did go to the grocery store, where they had Ben And Jerry’s at half price at £2.24. That is less than half price (almost a third) of what it costs in Denmark, so I took advantage of this offer while I still had the chance.

What a great way of spending my first day of the summer holidays: sleeping in, walking in the sunshine, eating B&J, and watching TV shows.

Post-exam beer and football

While I might not care much for sports, and my national team didn’t even quality for the world cup, a pub filled with football fans and beer is a lovely way to celebrate having done my last exam of the semester. Especially since most people seemed to cheer for Germany, so people around me were happy.

The atmosphere was amazing at the university pub and a post-exam beer was just what I needed to get down from my exam-stress-high.